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"Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings" adjustment in Section/Elevation view

Will help a lot if "Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings" can be adjusted in any Section/Elevation views with handles similar ones that are in "Section/Elevation Range" tool. This will help a lot when investigating why some objects are not visible in plan views 😉


Showing how these handles can be seen in section view.



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Barry Kelly

Not that this is a bad idea.

But the problem is you are showing the default FPCP settings that can be set at any time and will affect what you see on the floor plan when using the Project Map view points.


That is fine, but each floor plan view you save (in the View Map) can have it's own custom FPCP settings that are saved with the view and are not necessarily the same as the default settings.

So you would somehow have to say in your section/elevation what floor plan view you want the FPCP settings based on.

For example you can save 3 ground floor views, all with different FPCP settings.


Also the yellow, blue and green lines you show are relevant for each storey, so you would also have to tell the section/elevation which storey you are wanting the FPCP info to be shown for.


So to refine the wish, we would also have to say what View this is based on (or if it is to use the default settings) and to which storey it applies.




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Implementation of such idea of course could be solved by engineers in Archicad. But I would done that in this way:

1. Open any "Section/Elevation" view;

2. In "View Map" when you press "Right Mouse button" on any plan view - option "Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings" will be there and when you press it "Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings" will popup and "Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings" handles will turn ON;

3. You can Adjust these handles as you wish and then press "Right Mouse button" on any plan view and press "Redefine Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings".


This is the same way we adjusting "Section/Elevation Range" in plan views just other direction. All plan view cut lines are visible in "Section/Elevation" views same as "Section/Elevation" tool is visible in plan view.


I think it could be more ways to solve this in easy way 🙂 Don't see big challenge here except will of developers 😄

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@Algimantas Kuprenas, I like your wish of making horizontal cut lines visible in section view as vertical ones are appearing in plan view, I don’t see any problem applying this technique as a visual collapsed window related to the FPCP dialogue maybe as an improvement to the current one, but the strength of this visual window depends on where actually you cut to be able to see the defined elements which you need to cut above, throughout or below them all that make the idea of visual window is something hard to apply.

And as @Barry Kelly said to adjust FPCP in section view is a mess especially when you have high rise building.

So I guess we can adjust FPCP visually by opening the plan view from view map and using 3D Cutting Planes we can adjust them horizontally then go to an axonometric view then adjust them vertically and by going to view settings we can press as you suggested ( redefine FPCP based-on current view settings ).

The result is you have two options to define the view’s FPCP :

1) either to define FPCP numerically from view settings.

2) or to define FPCP visually by cutting planes then back to view settings and redefine.

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Just throwing this in the pot as an alternative approach...


There have been suggestions that we should move to live views / details limited & controlled by a volume. Think of it as creating a 3D document with marquee and limited height, or a Section / Elevation with visible 3D volume controls, or a reversed Interior Elevation tool with an option for plan views. These extraction methods are basically all the same but they have the potential advantage of 3D or 2D visual boundary editing as suggested by @Algimantas Kuprenas . However, I don't see the primary model view as the problem in current workflows. The current challenges stem from a failure by GS to deliver Z-order model plan views and a need to deliver a practical solution to user expectations on the projection of elements beyond the cut plane.

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