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Shortcut to Unread Posts

Dear All,Recently it came up from many of you that it would be nice to see the unread posts directly instead of browsing a huge amount of content. We are constantly working in the background to improve the Community and find what is helping all of us...

BIMcloud 2021.2 is Now Available

Dear All, BIMcloud 2021.2 has been released in the following language versions: AUS, AUT, FIN, GER, INT, NED, NOR, NZE, SWE, UKI, USA. Support for other languages is coming soon. The primary focus of this release is delivering fixes and improving the...

Launching customer user groups in Q4 2021

Dear Graphisoft community Members, Thank you for all the feedback provided regarding your first impressions of Archicad 25 as well as the continued feedback on other topics. We at Graphisoft find this feedback to be very useful as it helps in chartin...

Archicad 25 Update 3011 Released

Dear All, Yesterday we have made Archicad 25 Update 3011 available. We have created packages for the INT, AUS, NZE, UKI, USA, GER and AUT versions so far and they all passed our tests. The Check for Updates feature will notify end users about the new...

Nguyen Minh by Graphisoft Moderator
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One on one tutoring

Does Graphisoft provide any one-on-one tutoring in the northern NSW area,? Or maybe a group session? I'm having to work it out myself atm and to have someone just answer my questions as they arise would be invaluable..

ARCHICAD 22 Live Premier Event

The ARCHICAD 22 Live Premier Event will be held in June (exact Date/Time To Be Announced). You can register here for the event: http://www.graphisoft.com/archicad/#section-live-event

Twinmotion-ARCHiCAD Webinar - Feb 2, 2016

On February 2, 2016 there will be a webinar about Twinmotion 2016, real-time visualization technology, and how it connects to ARCHICAD. For further info and registration see: http://www.graphisoft.com/learning/online-seminars/registration-twinmotion....

Seattle area ARCHICAD User Group

I should have posted this sooner, but just in case you live near Seattle and don't know about it, here are the details: Date: Wednesday December 9, 2015 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Location: MAKERS 92 Lenora St Seattle, WA 98121 And more info + registration: h...

ARCHICAD 19 and Point Clouds Webinar, Dec 8, 2015

Webinar on use of laser and drone scans plus point clouds (4 billion!!! data points) in ARCHICAD 19 on December 8, 2015. For more information and reservation, see (places are limited): http://blog.graphisoftus.com/graphisoft/energizing-heritage-conse...

BIMx 2015 Q3 Update Webinar - Oct 6, 2015

Topic covered: 1) Whats new in the 2015 Q3 Update of BIMx? (15mins) - Interactive links in Schedule sheets - BIMcloud: Attach camera images to Teamwork messages - BIMcloud: Use CAL license to enable BIMx PRO functions 2) Q&A session (15 mins) For reg...

BIMx/BIMx PRO Webinar - July 7, 2015:

Graphisoft will hold a webinar on July 7, 2015 to demonstrate the newest features in BIMx and BIMx PRO including Extended Cloud Storage Access. Register at: http://www.graphisoft.com/learning/online-seminars/registration.html