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Hi, In the Interface script there appears to be a problem with the UI_INFIELD{3} command. I have searched the wiki and forum, but it has never been documented as far as I can tell, so this is a stake in the ground for other lost soles who encounter t...
Hi, I have a problem which needs a quick fix please.. I have produced a powerpoint presentation for teaching students tomorrow how to use custom door components in AC11. I checked previous postings on Architalk and the Archiguide and all worked well ...
Hi, Anyone having this problem? My G4 PPC Mac Powerbook running Leopard auto-updated Quicktime to 7.4 a couple of days ago, since then neither my commercial version of AC 11-1040 or education version will launch successfully. Fixing previleges and tr...
This is a bit of a wild shot in the dark but here goes, Im hoping there is a GDL/add-on guru hiding out there! Is there a way to force ArchiCAD 11 to regenerate on closing a library part dialogue box? I am using data and text i/o add-ons to read and ...
Hi, Does anyone know a (painless) way of importing masters from one AC file to another in AC10 or 11? The 'external content' does not identify a master as a drawing in its own right.