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Debug AddOns in XCode (macOS, AC15)

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I have no problem when debug AddOns in the Windows.
And in the macOS my addons, compiled with XCode 3.2.1, work properly.

But I don't undestand how attach XCode debugger to debug my AddOns in the macOS.

Please, help who know ).
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I am launching it from my dock, which I guess is a shortcut for the in "/Applications/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD 21".
Just tried launching it using "open ARCHICAD\" from that same directory, no more luck.
Ralph Wessel
OK, that's the answer. You want to set ARCHICAD as the executable in the scheme and use Xcode's Product > Run menu.
Ralph Wessel BArch
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Thanks a lot, it works, I can now use the debugger correctly !
Though it is a bit annoying that i have to close / open ArchiCAD each time I want to make a change, it's wayyyy better than nothing.

Thank you!

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