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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

Downloading an image for surface creation from a URL


In order to create surface through the plugin we would like to fetch the texture image from a given URL. How can we download the image through ArchiCAD C++ code?

Miha Nahtigal

You can use cUrl lib or built in HTTP classes.

BIMquants.comBETA - Quantities and Costs Estimation with Archicad AddOn :: rushing to publish a beta preview

Any options within the DevKit library? Since we are getting linker error in Windows OS when using curl.h

Found an example to GET json response in Communication_ClientTest but nothing downloads a file.



clientConnection->SetTimeout (requestTimeout);
clientConnection->Send (request);
clientConnection->Receive (response);




Please look at the `Do_DownloadWeatherData()` example in Goodie_Functions.cpp.


Best, Akos


Hello @Akos Somorjai , Just another question on the Do_DownloadWeatherData.

  1. What does DBPrintf do? Where can I check the output
  2. The URL seems to be not working in the provided example.



`DBPrintf ()` prints its output to the debugging window/console, you can safely ignore that.

The URL is just an example, feel free to submit data to any other website.


Best, Akos

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