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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

How to specify code flow on ADK version?


Hello everybody guys, my question is the following:


I saw that in the `ACAPIinc.h` file there are many constants for the software version like `ServerMainVers_xxx`, now I', doing the migration to AC27 and I saw that there are some old code blocks that are signaling through intellisense a compiler error.


Basically they can't find the new functions definition wrapped by the `MigrationHeader.h`, but they actually shouldn't search for it since that piece of code should be for AC25.


#include "PluginIpcCommandTask.h"

#if defined(ServerMainVers_2500)
#include "Utilities.h"

#include <spdlog/spdlog.h>

#include "GSRoot/StringConversion.hpp"
#include "HTTP/Client/ClientConnection.hpp"
#include "HTTP/Client/Request.hpp"
#include "HTTP/Client/Response.hpp"
#include "MemoryOBinaryChannel.hpp"
#include "JSON/JSON/JDOMParser.hpp"
#include "JSON/JSON/JDOMWriter.hpp"
#include "JSON/JSON/Value.hpp"

namespace knauf::archicad::plannersuite {

PluginIpcCommandTask::PluginIpcCommandTask(CommandId commandId, const std::string& commandParams)
    : commandId(commandId), commandParams(commandParams) {
    GSErrCode err = ::ACAPI_Goodies(APIAny_GetHttpConnectionPortID, &connectionPort);
    if (err != NoError) {

... doing other stuff



 Somehow I'm not using correctly the constants, since they are all enabled (this piece of code shouldn't be considered since I'm working on AC27 ADK Solution).


Thanks in advance 🙂 

P.S.: I know that by placing the migration header I would solve the intellisense error, but actually I don't really solve the underlying issue.


Joel Buehler

im sorry im kinda having troubles to understand the question. waht is a adk? do you mean SKD?

i can only comment on this:  you state that you do a migration to AC27:


"I', doing the migration to AC27"


but you are using the ACAPI_Goodies API Call, that does not exist anymore.


i think your call is now in the AC27 API named "ACAPI_Command_GetHttpConnectionPort()"


i didnt knew that there is a migration header. haha. cool stuff. 


check out the goodies example. there is no API Call left that has the name goodies in it. 



as a comment: i really like that they renamed those functions. "goodie" was as meaningless as a namingconvetion can be. 

and i like that knauf is working on a plugin 😉 



If you build for AC27 then ServerMainVers_2700 is defined but all previous versions are also defined (why?).

So, instead of writing code like this

#if defined(ServerMainVers_2500)
   // code for AC25

you can do this

#if !defined (ServerMainVers_2700)
    // code for AC26 and older versions


Thanks for both the answer guys, this is what I was searching for.


#if !defined (ServerMainVers_2700)
    // code for AC26 and older versions


The code between the pre-compiled headers is working until AC26, and not only for AC26.


Have a nice day!