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BIMx Exporting Multiple 3d Views as well as the 2d Layouts

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We are new to ArchiCAD and are working on version 22 on macs.

We have played around with exporting multiple 3d views to a hyper model through publishing sets, an have been happy with the results of having animations, overall 3d models and 3d models with vertical cut planes.

We have also played around with creating new sets that have the 2d layouts using our chosen subset. We had the idea of creating a subset just for BIMx so that we can update it easily.

The questions are:
-How can you modify the settings of the publisher sets fill with 3d views to also have the options of the 2d layouts in the same export?
- Is there a way to later modify the layouts instead of just having one subset dedicated?

Thank you in advance!
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