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BIMx Model With Sheets From Reference File

Mark Hensler

Has anyone come up with a way to include sheets from a reference project with the BIMx model?  I have one file that contains the 3D model and views, and a second file that contains the sheets for the file with linked views to the model file. (not a common set up for us, but this was a large complicated project that needed to be broken into separate phases, it was easier to manage the book settings for the sheets and track issuances if the sheets were in a separate file).  My first go at getting around this was to re-import the sheets from the drawing file into the model file and issue BIMx with those sheets, which "worked", we are able to see the model overtop of the floor plans.  However, updating the sheets is less than ideal, and some sheets, (interior elevations) do not copy over for some reason.

Ideally, it would be nice to link sheets from the drawing file to the publisher set in the model file, but that is not an option from what I can see.

More of a wish list item, is to have the ability to import consultant MEP and Structural drawings with BIMx and have the model overlay feature.  Currently, we add consultant sheets as pdfs on blank layouts so they are part of the drawing set and can be published with the BIMx model, but they do not have the fun trick of seeing the plan in 3D with the model.

If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them. Otherwise, Graphisoft please add to the wish list / road map for BIMx 😉

Thank you