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BIMx publishing Problem: completes 5/6 steps



I have a problem when trying to publish a BIMx model. I have set everything right and when I hit publish it processes and saves the plan and section designs, as well as the BIMx info but when it reaches the 6th and final step which is the BIMx Package it seems to stop processing, and the message writes: to be saved. When I doubleclick on that it says that it has not been processed yet, but there is no progress as time goes by, as there is no option of stoping or pausing the process , only the close option for the window.


How could I resolve this?


Thank you in advance for any answers

Norbert Kucsma



Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

We suspect that the issue is file specific. To handle the case the most effectively, please contact BIMx's technical support at and send the problematic project file in .pla format.


Thank you,

Norbert Kucsma
Technical Support Engineer

Norbert Kucsma

Technical Support Engineer

Hello, I have exact same issue, please write if there was any solution. Publishing process stocks at the last step when BIMx Package needs to be saved when double-clicking it says "the item is not processed yet" I lived it one day but never riched the end.