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Messaging with BIMx

I'm trying to use/test the BIMx messaging capabilities and can't figure it out from the documentation.

I published a BIMx model from out BIMcloud SAAS site to the BIMx Model Transfer site.

I have the BIMx Explorer on an iPhone 12Pro and have signed up for the 1-year trial subscription. This appears to have been processed.

I do not see anything that would let me annotation this BIMx model authored and published from the BIMcloud SAAS project.

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AC4.55 through 26 / USA AC25-6000 USA

Rhino 7 Mac

MacOS 12.6.5

Rubia Torres
Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Aaron,


In the mobile apps' current feature set, annotation is available in the integrated team messaging:
Graphisoft BIMcloud: Integrated Team Messaging from BIMx Mobile


Joining BIMcloud enables all the PRO features except recognizing BIMx API extensions, learn more here: BIMx License Types


My colleague Roland has already assisted you in the GDC forum. Nevertheless, I leave the answer here for others with similar queries.



Rubia Torres

Community Specialist | GRAPHISOFT SE
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