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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Unlimited 3D model size in BIMx

Zsolt Oncsak

BIMx mobile applications have been rebuild from scratch based on a new 3D engine. This article describes the most significant improvement: the Data Streaming technology, emphasizing its benefits to your BIMx experience. You can follow the latest BIMx News here.


What does it do?

The new Data Streaming technology address a solution to the model size limitations on mobile devices. In case you need to open a large 3D model, and your mobile device wouldn't handle it otherwise, the streaming mode can be activated. That way, only the displayed perspectives are loaded into the device's memory, making the navigation faster and avoiding crashes.

3D model containing approximately 27,5 million polygons and 29,000 BIM elements running steadily with improved BIMx.

Furthermore, the new 3D engine has overall increased performance. It is more powerful, being able to open bigger projects smoothly, even when the Data Streaming feature is not activated.


Why is it better?

In previous versions of BIMx mobile apps, opening large and complex 3D models would highly depend on your device's hardware capabilities. For this reason, users could experience unexpected crashes while opening those models in the old application.

Thanks to the advanced Data Streaming technology, now you can open any 3D model in BIMx, regardless of its size and complexity, with no memory constrain.


How can I access it?


Unlimited model size was a Pro feature, but as of the 27th of September, 2023, it is available for every BIMx Android and BIMx iOS users. Read more in the BIMx Licensing article.

Whenever the 3D model size and complexity exceeds your device's hardware capabilities (it depends mostly on RAM), Data Streaming is needed to be activated in order to visualize the model.


• It is recommended to open complex models on high-end devices to obtain better results. For example, BIMx running on a device with 2GB RAM might need Data Streaming, while other equipment with 6GB RAM can open the same 3D model without streaming mode.

• By optimizing the Hyper-model, you can allow the complete model loading and achieve smoother navigation. See more here.

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