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Archicad precision question



I can't really find info on web. Is there a setting in Archicad that autolocks drawing elemenets, moving elements within certain length. For example 1cm when i am drawing or moving wall i want it to bet X.00 cm. I know i can type it but i dont always type values for everything and i lose precision in project then. (mostly with moving windows).

TLDR Is there a option to set movement locked with 1cm flat precision, i dont wanna move object 1.234367 cm (other than typing it).



Did you try "Grids and Background" at 10mm spacing. Maybe it suits for your use case. It'll help only with orthogonal moves though, not diagonal moves unless the grid is rotated accordingly, but you can define the rotation on the fly at will.




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Though this would be snapping to the grid, so if you have anything that is not on grid, or you want to move something by a point not on grid, you would still need to manual input. Unless you are moving your grid for each element, in which case three steps forward, two steps backward?


On a side note, mousing in 1cm increments... you either have really insanely accurate mouse control, a really low mouse sensitivity or zoom in really far frequently...




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I was just hoping that there is movement lock (unit snaping). Grid doesnt really seem like valid solution. 

In your Grids & Backgrounds settings, you have a main grid, auxiliary grid and snap/nudge grid.

If you select an item on plan and you want to move the entire selection, you can press SHIFT+arrow to nudge it in that direction.

But that is moving the entire element, not just stretching one end of a wall.


And in my opinion, a grid snap as small as 1cm will be a real pain.


When ever you are moving and stretching something, never just use the mouse to drag by looking at the co-ordinates or tracker values.

The numbers you see will never be accurate - unless you are snapping to a grid.

Always type a number.

The values you see will always round to the nearest unit you have set your working units to.

So dragging 10cm will show 10cm even when it is really 9.7cm or 10.2cm.


Only drag and let go with the mouse if you are snapping to an existing element (node).



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