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About model and data exchange with 3rd party solutions: Revit, Solibri, dRofus, Bluebeam, structural analysis solutions, and IFC, BCF and DXF/DWG-based exchange, etc.

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Resolved! Favourite Name as IfcType Name

Hi, Is it or will it be possible to get the Favourite name of an element as the IfcType Name? It would be great for information management in my opinion. Also, is there a way to see from what favourite an element on the model is? Thanks a lot! Best r...

Rename multiple layers

valar morghulis, i want to change multiple layers name as like in autocad. we can add or delete some characters from layers' names in autocad. is there an equivalent of ...


Problem regarding very slow wall tool!

Hi, I'm trying out with the new Archicad 25 version, but suddenly everything related to the wall tool runs very slow, takes many seconds, and sometimes looks like it gets stuck. I used to work with the 21 version on an old MacBook Pro computer— it wo...

RPF by Participant
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DWG Blocks

Hi All,We are obligated to submit area calculations marked with polygons and blocks with area use codes, to a DWG robot software that checks the drawing. we have a good Archicad translator that does the job, except for additional automatic numbering ...

Dani by Participant
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Resolved! Surfaces won't delete.

Hi All, I'm working on a new template for my office, and I'm working on deleting and updating the surfaces on the template. However, I noticed the file has a lot of surfaces we don't use. And After deleting the surfaces when I open the file again, th...

How to know if entities are on a story?

Again I have been given a file to work with that has issues. Because Archicad shows most entities on multiple stories, it is not so easy to know what story each entity is on which story without selecting them individually. Ultimately, I want to elimi...

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Element Transfer Settings and Section Name

The Cross Sections in my project file come from someone else and the settings are incorrect. I want to transfer settings and have been able to do that. However, now all my sections have the same name. I looked at Element Transfer Settings and have th...

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