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Cleaning Up Embedded Library

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I've never figured out how to clean up the library, so let's start with something simple;)

In the image, I have no clue what albero_sole.png is. It seems to be part of "Alnus Cordata parts (Do not modify)", which is something I'm pretty sure I don't need;)

How can I start to remove this?

It says "do not modify"; why?

There's also no way to press delete here, for whatever reason.


Karl Ottenstein
Your screenshot shows a Teamwork project, so I've moved your post to that forum. For a solo project PLN, you would be able to click the "X"/delete button.

I haven't used TW in years, so hope someone knowledgeable will respond for you. I'm guessing that you have to reserve the object first and can then delete it?
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
That "do not modify" text is usually in the name of folders which contain the macros for object you downloaded from, if I remember correctly.
If you know you don't use those objects, then you will not need this folder either so you can delete the whole folder.

What I usually do is I remove the folder and check if it results in a new message missing something from that folder. If it does I add that object back or add the folder back if needed.

Karl is probably right about having to reserve the object (or its containing folder) to be able to delete the object from the embedded library.
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