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Demolition element with renovation filters



I'm new to Archicad, self taught and slowly figuring things out.

I'm currently doing a renovation where I'm removing the roof cladding and replacing. I'm using CI tools and have produced a roof covering, which I am trying to add as a demolition element, but when I change it from an existing element to a demolition element, it vanishes. It does not seem to be on any alternative layer, I've changed the renovation filter back to 'No renovation filter' and it still does not show up.

Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? Cheers



Welcoms RachaelS.  That the beauty of the Renovation filter.  It doesn't use a layer, it's just a state of being and it does not interfere with other objects.  You'll understand that later.  What you need to do is change the renovation view.  With each renovation view, you get to select which category gets shown or hidden, and how it is shown, normal, or override.  There are some presets that are setup for you. Existing will show all existing elements and those that will be demolished.  After demolition will just show existing elements to remain, and turn off the items categorized as demolition.  New will show the new items and existing, non demo items.  Play with it and learn more.  To see the items that are missing after you changed the item to Demo, you need to go to either the Demolition Plan or the Existing Pre Construction view or state, or whatever you want to call it.  If you go to the Document menu, then select Renovation it will show all the presets.  If you select Renovation Filter Options, you will then see the settings for each of these and you can start to learn about changing the display of the elements to suit your needs.  It's a very powerful tool.  Good luck. 

Many Thanks, JP

John Peterson, AIA
Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects
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Josh Verran

Hi Rachael

I use the CI tools also, I understand (in 23 anyway) that the covering tools don't allow for multiple claddings (ie you can't have an existing wall with a demo covering and a new covering).

If you try, one of them will disappear, sometimes the other one will become unlinked.

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I don't have the CI accessories, so I don't know if they work differently.

But I just tried the standard wall framing accessory.

So long as the accessory is applied twice, with one set to be demolished and the other set to new, there seems to be no problem showing demolished or new.


@RachaelS ,

Check that the accessory object is set to 'Show on all relevant filters'




If it is set to show on a particular filter, it will only show when that particular filter is active.



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