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Property called “COBie.type”

I have exported IFC Models of an Office Building and I am trying to use Solibri’s COBie extension to output the COBie spreadsheets but it is listing everything in the IFC file as being “unclassified” as it has a rule looking for a Property called “CO...

incorrect calculation of polygon areas

Noticed the following error. When constructing a section of an element, a bent metal strip with initial dimensions of 265x1 mm2. When measuring the area of ​​the object turned out 0.000185 mm2. This does not correspond to the area of ​​265 mm2. With ...

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Door and window Schedule Line Thickness problem

I have a problem with line thickness of doors and windows in schedules. On floor plans and cross sections thickness of lines is normal. On schedules lines are thick. Do anyone know how can i solve the problem I didnt change pens for symbol. This is h...

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IFC Hotlink Missing Objects

Hi guys, In order to link in a consultant Revit model into my Archicad file I have exported as an IFC, then opened this in an Archicad file, then hotlinked this file into my model. The first image is the IFC link file and the second is the main file....

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Any way to change a decimal separator of a list?

Hello all, I'm using zone lists to feed a GDL object. These lists use comma as decimal separator because this is the standard rule in France... like this : LGT01 ; 02 ; Living ; 6,35 ; Main But, GDL doesn't recognize the comma as a separator and igno...