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Resolved! IFC elevation stories

Hi, Is there an option, having already an ArchiCAD file with stories created, to import the levels from an IFC file. What I mean is that, if I had an ArchiCAD file with Story 1 and Story 2 already created, with elevations 3 meters, and I merge an IFC...

GOBA by Newcomer
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IFC geometry problem after export

Dear all, I really don't know what is happening. After export to IFC, model looks horrible. It is not only in Revit, but also IFC viewer (i.e. BIMVision). It works only in BIMcollab. Fascinating stuff

Exporting DWG with Xref

I have placed some xrefs in floor plan and made independent worksheets. When I save dwg from these independent worksheets Archicad saves also xrefs placed in floor plans. Tested in AC21 and AC23. It seems that Archicad always saves all xrefs used in ...

Best format to export model with IES light?

Hi I try to direct link to Twinmotion but they dont contain IES light. I have to place IES light again, and not precise position as in ArchiCAD. I read old thread said to export Artlantis then export file TMA then import Twinmotion. But now Twinmotio...

Keyboard macro program for Win?

I am looking for a keyboard macro program (basically a keyboard shortcut program) that I can map a 1,2, or 3 letter combination to replace the cryptic AC system. So, for example, I could program O,O to be "Open Object" or C,W to open a wall cabinet f...

Resolved! Composite Wall/Roof export in IFC in AC23 problem

I'm trying some tests exporting in IFC and importing again in AC23 using the "general parametric export": - Composite wall with boolean operation/trim are always transformed in objects - Profile walls with boolean operation/trim remain correct wall p...