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About model and data exchange with 3rd party solutions: Revit, Solibri, dRofus, Bluebeam, structural analysis solutions, and IFC, BCF and DXF/DWG-based exchange, etc.

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Resolved! Property Manager with Parameters as Schedules-Components (Building Material and Components).

In Schedules-Components, we can add Fields from Building Material and Components. Why doesn´t it exist in Parameters & Properties inside Expression Editor in Property Manager? I find it very useful for my work. In attach an image with my wish (Buildi...

libraries from BIM6x

I have two projects same libraries same seed One did not have favorites however I found how to copy them from the other However the favorites dont work. I have to create a new file to draw handrails and stairs and a lot of the items needed Copy it in...

Kitchen & Objects in Schedule

Hello, We are preparing a carpentry schedule for a residential project we are working on. As far as the schedule goes, the doors and windows are shown in plan and elevations ,but Archicad objects such as kitchens or bathroom cabinets will be shown on...

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Resolved! Door/Window Detecting bad orientation

Hello everyone, I'd like to detect "bad oriented" door/windows through properties and expressions. 1) Properties Because on my project all inside spaces are delimited by Zones, my idea was to use the parameters "From Zone", "To Zone". Good oriented d...

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Resolved! no data (volume, area) for morph object

Hello, I made some odd-shape wood beam by Morph tool, but seems morph has no data (voloume, area etc) shown in Schedule. Any way to measure morph element? or any way (other than morph) to make such odd-shap beam with Data? Thanks

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Resolved! Door/Window Scheduling Issues

Hello, For some reason my NEW windows/doors, being in NEW walls, will not show up in my schedule. Regardless of the many different parameters I have tried to set for my schedule, I cannot get my new windows/doors to show up. Even just trying the only...

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