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Rakela Raul
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Here is a model I printed several years ago. The additional work needed prior to printing mainly has to do with components that would be too small to be self supporting. I backed up all windows and made sure roofs would be at least 1/16" thick at the intended output scale (6" in my case). I also cut holes in my floors such that the extra unused material can be shaken out after the printing process. This particular model was printed at 1/8" scale and I built the base.
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Mike wrote:
Cole_Construction wrote:
How much is it?

Nevermind, $26k
I wouldn't imagine very many people would be in the market for buying one of the printers. We sent our archicad model to a company that uses the printer for producing proto-types. Printing a 3D model of a 7000 sq ft house at 1/8" scale was about $800.
I am interested in the 7000 sf 1/8 scale house for $800. Was it very detailed? I now own a FDM printer that doesn't require modifying your model to allow for the powder to come out and it has a smaller tolerance on .007".

Can you send me that same vrml file so I can get you a quote on how much we would charge? I would also send you a list of advantages to FDM models over starch models.

Maybe then you would be interested in using our service in the future.

I am trying to get feedback from other Archicad users. Here is more info from a past post I made:

I have made the leap and partnered with Model Labs.

Model Labs uses Fused Deposition Modeling. Which means it melts ABS plastic into absolutely any shape and lays it down in .007" layers.

Feel free to goto the site at and review the possibilities. Even though the site is set up for .STL files, since I am a Archicad 11 user, I can try and convert your file into a .STL so that we can get you a quote. Just goto the free quote page and upload a vrml file. (You take your model and view it in a 3D window and then you save the file in a .vrml format )
Or email it to us at

Also, if you have already had experience using a 3d printing service, we would like to "beat the competition". So if you would send us the same file and their price then we will be able to see if we can beat it or offer a better service and/or final product.

Jeff Mayland, partner, Model Labs LLC
I think the service price is somehow proportional to the weight of the finished model, right? To the amount of material that goes into it?
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Yes, the price is based on the cubic inches of material used to create the model plus business overhead and shipping.

There is no minimum model size with
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There's no need to "back up windows and doors" unless your details are smaller then 3" vertical real world or 1" horizontal real world dimension.

I finally bought a 3d printer and can take your archicad PLA or VRML files and reply with a free quote.

Most models do not exceed 75 cents per square foot.

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