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A24: How to delete/ remove doors within the door schedule.

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Is there a way to locate and delete these doors from my door schedule? I tried zeroing them out to see if that would work but they still show up on the table. I have used the scheme settings and set my preferences to keep openings from appearing on it but they still show up. I have no idea where they are in my project as I have tried selecting them in 3D and gone door to door trying to find them. My guess is that they are from past revisions where there were more doors than what is in my current project. Can I just manually delete them off the schedule?
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To find the door, select it in the schedule and then click the "Select in 3D" Icon (or "Select on Floor plan").

If it's an empty opening that you need for the model but don't want in the schedule, then give it a name like "NIS" (not in schedule) and exclude that name from the schedule.
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