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Archicad 23 - List Schemes not saving

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So im making custom "element list schemes" in order to calculate budgets.
I am able to make it work: create de profile, filter elements by layers, and make lists in (m3) or (m2) of the elements i need.

The only problem is that the layers i select are lost once i close the file...
Every other change in the file is saved, with the exception of layer filters in this option -_-.
So everytime i want to use the lists, i have to reactivate the selected layers i want to use one by one.

I tried saving it as another file, save current views, etc.

Did not work. What i am doing wrong?.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Can you show a couple of screenshots about where exactly this happens and the settings used?
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Image 1: Lists - Elements - Custom list scheme (that its successfully being saved)

Image 2: List scheme settings - all layers unchecked everytime i reopen the file

AFAIK -- List schemes are only saved upon the first time they are created and saved.
After the next time you open the plan, you can re-load the scheme and make changes, but the changes then are only held in memory, you can not then save the scheme and once the program is closed, those changes are lost. After the the initial save, permanent changes can only be made offline by manually changing the XML file. As a alternate, you could create a completely new scheme with the new features needed, name and save the scheme (file), and just switch to it when you need to.
There is a old 20 year paper which explains the file format and how to change it offline.

I don't know if this is a bug or a feature,but it is the reason few use list schemes.

You may want to take a look at the new Python feature, which can parallel those old list features -- SOMEWHAT

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Thank you Gerry!, very clear answer.

also thank you Laszlo.


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