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Cadimage Keynotes "only keynotes visible in the layout" grey

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I have created Keynotes for certain items on the floor plan. On the floor plan layout page i selected Cadimage -> Keynotes -> Create Schedule and in the "Create Keynotes Schedule" settings, I was able to click to include the keynotes that were only visible in that layout. I then added some of the same keynotes on the Cross Section - but when i went to create the keynote schedule for that layout - it doesn't seem to pick up that i used any? The options for displaying keynotes in the cross section layout and greyed out and unable to click them. I then went back to the Floor Plan to see what the settings was for that schedule and the same thing happened. The same tick boxes were greyed out. How can I create a schedule on the cross section as well as the floor plan?

This is old, but just in case anyone has the same issue. There may already be a keynote schedule on the sheet, but on a hidden layer. Turn on all layers to check