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DWG Translators and font convertion xml

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When trying to convert a drawing to a dwg i dont get correct convertion of greek characters to the dwg.

I tried many many things. I always get the greek characters translated to their latin equivelants.

I tried the convertion character tables.. and many other things but nothing.

I see in the translator.xml in the Dxf-Dwg Preferences AC 9.0 INT folder that there is an entry like this

<FontConvs items="1">
<Item val="DXF-DWG In-Out.apx\rfs\FontConv_WIN.Xml"/>

Unfortunately i cannot touch that FontCOnv_WIN.xml because its a file inside the DXF plugin.

Does anyone have a copy of that file, or a sample of how that looks like?
I think the solution to my troubles right there...
Ben Odonnell
The easiest way for you to go is to get a consultant to send you a DWG with their Styles pre defined in the DWG file.

Then under your save options, you will see on the right hand side, "Template for additional settings" this is where you browse to your consultants DWG file and choose it.

Then under "Font conv" you choose all of the ArchiCAD fonts that you have used then in the AutoCAD part of the dialog you write the style that you want to convert to.

E.g Arial----->(oreopoulos)(Which is the style name in AutoCAD)

Ben O'Donnell
Architect and CTO at BIMobject®
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thx a lot..
I will try that
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