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Detection Lists Element

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I'm new in working with lists.
I want to configure my gernerator for lists to display (on the paper) wall quantity, volume, surface and to detection where is that wall (in grid system).
Ex. The wall from axis A1 to axis B1 have 300 cm Height, 14,00 m2 Surface and 6,00 m3 volume.
Is this possible and how ?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I don't think you can do that in Interactive Schedules.
This would require that Walls "Know" their own positions and the positions of not only the individual Grid Elements but the intersections of those Grid Elements.
This sound to me like something that could only be achieve using some kind of an API Add-On.
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OK No hopes,
But, this is the way to talk with builder on the phone. If I want to focus on a exact wall I must tell where is that wall on the projet.
Maybe, this problem will be included in next version. I hope.
Thanks anyway.
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Just a quick idea here for this problem.....

Perhaps you could manually ID the walls in the Element ID setting. You would need to implement a new ID methodology. For example you could set the wall along gridline 1 between grid A and B to be W-1-A/B and walls along gridline C between gridlines 1 and 2 could be W-C-1/2. A continuous wall might go through several grid lines (for example, along 3 between C thru F) and could be named W-3-C/F.

Note that you may need to split all walls at gridlines if you want list all wall types relative to each segment of the grid. And if you have walls that are changing type part way through a grid, there may need to be a modified naming convention to think up for labeling those.

Once you have the walls properly identified, you just create a wall schedule that lists ALL Walls starting with "W-". Note that you will want to make sure all other walls in the project DO NOT start with "W-".

I realize you are looking for something more intelligent - it would be great if the Grid tool could be smart enough to label walls based on their position in relation to the construction grid. However, this method could conceptually could work and in the end, allow you to communicate more easily with your builder.
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