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Door and Window Schedule by Zone Name/Number or Category

I am working on a job with multiple units moduled onto a master file.
I was going to schedule my openings using Zones to differentiate between what are identical windows in my master (as they are referring to multiple instances of the same module file).

I have no problem scheduling all windows and spitting out the "zone name" value successfully - mind you I have no idea how it know which zone to read if there are multiple zones in same place (eg. room zone, overall unit zone etc). Does anyone know which layer get the priority and why?

However the problem occurs when I tell ArchiCAD 18 to schedule:

I get zero data back. I can schedule OBJECTS but not DOORS and WINDOWS?!

Am I missing something here. It would be much better to have a schedule per unit rather then one big schedule that lists the zone for each opening.

Please help.


PS. I tried both 4D Openings and native ArchiCAD openings with same or no result.
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Barry Kelly
The short answer is to schedule doors and windows in the original module.
Then in you master file you can place an external drawing in your layouts and link to the schedule view in each of you modules.

Doors and windows can recognize 2 zone - 'from room' and 'to room'.
These are the zones on each side of the wall.
I am not sure if the 'to room' is the side of the door/window reveal (i.e. the outside on and external wall) and the 'from room' is the non-reveal side (i.e. the room side) or if it is dependent on the order in which you place the zones.
A quick experiment is seems to be to order that the zones are placed.

You have placed your room zones so the doors/windows will recognise these first.
Then you probably later added your 'unit' zone - but as this was placed second (or maybe because this is on the inside and overlapping the room zones) your doors and windows don't recognise it - there can only be one 'from room' zone.
I think it is possible to swap them by dragging the perimeter of the room zone away from the wall - then the window will switch to the other zone.

Even objects can only recognise one zone.
I would use a fill for your 'Unit zone'.
Fills can be scheduled and they can give you areas if that is all you need.

I remember being taught in the early days never to overlap zones.
I can't remember exactly how the zones work so what I said above may not be 100% correct.
But I only ever use room zones so never have the problem of overlapping zones.


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Thanks for the response Barry. Little disappointing that ArchiCAD gives you an option to "criteria" you schedule a certain way but will not read the data as it should.

PS. I did delete all my zones except the 2 - so none are overlapping anymore. To Zone and From Zone are not available in the criteria selection, only Zone Name/Number/Category - and i still get no data in return.

Will have to schedule in the module file as suggested ... Architects like to schedule opening type (I use ID) and a unique window number for all openings throughout the project. I don't suppose anyone has a genius way of doing this ... as it's impossible to give more then one unique opening number (or any parameter) to an opening?
ArchiCAD 10 - 25 | Windows 10
ARCHIcreate | Perth, Western Australia
archicad solutions | content creation | training | software implementation

Hi Jakub

Please don't overlap zones for your own sanity. Use Categories if you have to.
All Zone stamps have the option of displaying Zone Category instead of Zone Name -- maybe you could re-script the stamp to take advantage of environment variables, and then use Model Views to display Category OR Name using the same stamp. I never tried that, but it could work, it's just GDL...

Please check my recent GDL tread about how you can add any parameters you like to schedule doors and windows by adding parameters to a custom-modified marker (like, the "opening numbers" you mentioned). You can then pull them into your schedule. By merging various parameters you insert into the marker, you can define variables and automatically merge them into one column in dynamic schedules.
You don't have to touch the door GDL, and all doors/windows that support markers will work.

In order to schedule any single door with an individual ID, all you need is a Zone and the object ID (manual). But using the method above you could probably merge sizes and any additional parameters with the ID shown. Your call.

EDIT: change some wording to be more specific (zone "stamps" not "labels")
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