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Door fire rating

Is there a way to modify the available options in the fire rating list of doors (Door Settings/Description: FS30, FD30SC, FS30SC etc.)
I know that i can set a custom value, but i was wandering if i can customize the whole list of options.
Thank you
it would be better that you use Properties to define this rather than an object specific parameter. Be sure the General Properties are assigned to all elements that are doors (doors, curtain wall panels configured as doors or doors that sit in a window object) have General properties assigned them. Use that Property in your schedule.
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Hello Aaron,
Thank you for your answer.I am in the process of setting up a template. I did define a fire rating parameter just as you described, for schedules it works fine.
The problem is i don't know how to make it appear on the plan, tied to the door symbol. I feel a label wouldn't be best as it would be a separate "object" from the door itself, and given that the door already has a field named Fire rating I thought that I could use that. Just that where I am from we have different standards than the ones listed. Being for a template I thought it best to customize the whole list of options available for fire rating instead of just writing a custom entry so that everyone using it may benefit.
Laszlo Nagy
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I agree with Aaron that you should create Properties and here is the reason why:

It is possible to modify that list of available values but you would have to modify its GDL script. To do that, you would probably have to extract the LCF (Library Container File) containing the Archicad default library, find the library part or macro where those values are defined, modify them, save them as new library parts, (optionally) replace the default library parts with the modified ones and recreate the LCF. Then, you would have to do this again each time there is a Library update.
So the Property way is better, in my opinion.
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Hello Laszlo, and thank you for the answer.
Now I think you are right that it isn't worth while modifying that library part.
Do you know of a good way to have the fire rating show on the door in the floor plan? Preferably an automatic way, or something that will remain tied to the door object.
Thank you again.
Barry Kelly
Titiriga wrote:
Do you know of a good way to have the fire rating show on the door in the floor plan? Preferably an automatic way, or something that will remain tied to the door object.

A label can be associated to a door and it will move if the door is moved and delete if the door is deleted.

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Thank you again.