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Doors and windows missing from IFC model (Revit - Archicad interoperability)


I have an IFC file from a model that was created with the modeling software Archicad 26 and was exported to IFC4 (Reference View). I linked the file in a new Revit project, binded and then ungrouped the model. I have these issues:

1. Openings are shown as generic models. There are "void" boxes coming trough windows and doors in 3D view. Doors are IFC parameter "IFCDoorType"  and Windows are "IFCOpeningElements". 

2. Once I export as IFC I am getting a warning pop-up about missing doors and windows. When I open the IFC file in BIM Vision, all of the doors and windows are missing and I only see the clear wall openings. 

Why are openings imported to Revit as generic models and what might be causing the missing doors/windows issue?


Operating system used: Windows 22H2


image (16).png


image (17).png

image (18).png


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I may know the answer to Q1:

If I go to the IFC translator settings and check Type mapping for IFC Export, it says that elements classified as "Openings" will always be exported as "IfcOpeningElement".

Then, in Revit, in IFC Options for import/opening, there is a similar mapping and for me, the default is that  "IfcOpeningElement" is always converted to "Generic Models" Revit Category. Based on the first and second screenshots, I assume that Archicad exported a Door as Direct Shape, plus the Wall Hole of the Door as Opening element.


On your second screenshot, it shows that the Door? has the "Direct Shape" Category, and lower, in the "Export to IFC" field, you have the "By Type" value selected. If I am not wrong then this will cause that element to be exported as a Direct Shape, regardless of what is in the "Export to IFC As" field. If think the "Export to IFC As" field will come into effect only if you select "YES" for the "Export to IFC" field. 

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Could you please provide screenshots? Will it have anny effect if I change the Classification "Opening" into IFC type - IFC door / IFC window  instead of "IFC Opening Element"? Thank you.




I have had similar issues before, you can actually turn off the IFC openings completely in model filters in IFC translators in Archicad.




once an IFC is exported from the Archicad model, use the Improved IFC import plug in for Revit to import the model in, if you turn off everything apart from the generic model categories off then that will show you any remaining items in the generic model category.   from here you can individually select any element that you wish to change the category of, press edit model in place, then the "family & parameters" button to re categorise them. 






In Archicad there is also a checkbox for some items in settings that says participates in clash detection, make sure the windows etc have this box ticked otherwise they may not export to IFC. 


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