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Exporting Layout with rotated view to DWG is a disaster

Hello everyone,
I there any way to export a layout with rotated view to DWG so that the viewport in Autocad is displayed correctly?
Only option to get the desired result I could find is to export the layout to model space, but then the object is not in it's coordinates and (worst of all) is scaled to layout's scale.

Exporting all layouts (a lot of them) and manualy rotating vieports in respected layouts in Autocad is not very smart I guess...

I would really be glad if anyone could point me to a working solution. Thanks!
Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Thank you very much for sharing the report and I am very sorry for the issue!

From my experience, this is not the expected behavior. What you see on the layout should be exported correctly into DWG, at least for the linework and information. Before diving deeper into the detail, I would like to make sure that the latest update is installed for your current Archicad. Also, please make sure to update all drawings before publishing to DWG.

If this does not help, I would like to kindly ask for the file having this issue, along with the translator used for publishing purpose. Please let me know if you need a secure place to upload them!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer


Very far from a newcomer, but hit this same wall today. Just installed the 6004-1.1 update, too.

To make matters worse, the following happens:

- if you change the view rotation numerically, and update the view, it goes back to rotated
- you have to rotate the view manually, and then update
- in some cases, the rotated view that was placed on the layout and redefined as not rotated, does not update. even deleting it and placing it again does not help

Since all of this is happening in a TeamWork project, I am just kicking everyone out and reserving everything (you have to be selfish sometimes...) to see if I can make this work!

The movie is here:

Sorry, cannot share the file, unless you want to sign an NDA...


ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
HP Omen

Workaround: clone another set of the same views, and it will behave...

Checked with others, and they have this issue ONLY with TW files.

Happy that I did it, and published what I needed to publish, I went to check the views again... opened the one that has staid rotated, and then opened the next one, not rotated... but it is! 😄 So, the NOT rotated view shows as rotated after you open a rotated view by double clicking on it in the View Map. If you open it from the layout, it opens as it should.

I have reported the same issue in 25 Beta, and will have to check whether it was fixed in 25 or not... but next month... I have heard that an update is on the way, better to wait for it!

Whoever is in charge of the views, layouts, and TeamWork (and I am sure there is about ten of you...) please check this! Thanks! 🙂


ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
HP Omen

Thank you for your time 🙂


I think I found the root of this problem. The culprit was “ignore zoom and rotaton” checkbox in View settings. If it is checked, export to dwg process rotates the view contents into original position somehow.  After removing the check, export seems to work fine. Still experimenting, but at the moment all is exported as supposed.


Thanks again for your time and insights, that gave me the idea to experiment with view settings.