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How can I include 2D information in IFC Export

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I'm wondering if any of you have had experiences with 2D information and IFC.
My IFC exports works fine including all my gridlines. But I have some model informations which I would like to share as well.
In the IFC translator settings i've found the possibility to convert all annotations and 2D objects. But although i've ticked it on - no 2D information (except grid and zone stamp) is included in my IFC file.
I've made sure that I include all elements and export the entire project.
I've also tried to include dimensions, which should be able to convert to lines and text for IFC, but that was also a no show.

Is there anyone out there with experience in this field?
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As you explained to me yourself Morten:

1. Save IFC file from plan view with fat marquee tool around entire project.
2. In Solibri you click: "Show Footprint Controls" (upper right corner)
3. Click "Show Compenent Footprint" (3rd control botton)

I now see wall and door swing lines etc.
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