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I know you can use modules and link them into the file. You have to edit the module in another Archicad. I want to be able to make a group of objects, create an instance of it, copy it around, then open the group edit it, and have all of the instanced groups updates once the group is re-closed or finished editing.


@Steve I have been waiting 18 years for that one. 🙄 If you are thinking of creating GDL or editable objects (as opposed to modules), there is a GS add-on, Library Part Maker that may fill the gap for you.

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18 years and nothing? I would also think instancing would help with graphics display of billions of poylgons. This technology is used heavily in the entertainment world where they make billions of instances of one model and it only loads into memory once,

Hotlink modules are instances.

I have no idea how they work memory wise, but I assume the details of the module are only loaded once to a file.


The only downside I see with them is they need to be edited in a separate Archicad.

You don't have an original 'module' stashed away somewhere in the file that you can edit directly (some call it in-line editing) - it needs to be saved as a .MOD file.

But is that really a problem?

Having a module file saved means you can add that to any job, not just the one you are working on.

I used to have curved kitchen cabinets or basic bathroom layouts that I would bring in as a module, break the link and carry on working with them.

No more having to re-create all the individual elements each time I wanted something similar.




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While definitely a workaround to this problem, I also sometimes see the benefits of having a dedicated 'work area' in my floorplan where I have placed all my groups of elements that are selected and saved as module from the main project. This makes attribute management a lot easier and with trace and reference there is sort of in place editing.


Other benefits I see are when you are moving around similar, but not 100% similar layouts of items quickly between multiple different modules. For example floorplans for appartments, where you can quickly copy around some furniture assemblies. You can't do this as easily when you edit in place or in a separate file.


Some repeating instances don't have to be modules either. With find & select you can quickly select similar items based on search criteria and you can save these criteria for future use, if needed.

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There are plenty of workarounds to this, which is possibly why GS still haven't bothered to addressed it, but none of them will ever top the efficiency of having modules with in place editing, like every other CAD system out there. From my perspective the current workflow is tolerated, it isn't accepted, because every day I do work where things could have been easier if we had them. This is the whole point of computers and software, to address life's enigmas as efficiently as possible.

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