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Missing materials in IFC when exporting from Archicad - Reprise

Frank Beister

Because the theme Missing materials in IFC when exporting from Archicad is closed I open a new one. The solution given by Minh Nguyen is not satisfying. I am ahead of the same problem in IFC4, where I am not allowed to handle the "material management mode".


I have looked into the raw IFC files and found, that all works fine in IFC 2x3. The Material properties come in the Pset "Material Properties" as expected. The same project, but exported in IFC4 format, the properties can be foun in text editor in section "AC_Pset_MaterialCustom". And as far I can "read" the raw text file and the relations the connections from property to item are not reproduceable. Finally. The obvisiously exported information do not get in in Solibri, nor in Desite or BIMvision. Anything seems different in the export settings an behaviour.


By system, by design, bug? I try contacting the hotline, but have less hope, that they can help.


Exporting these infos is highly recommended for our workflows with external partners.


Operating system used: Windows 10

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