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Net Side Area / IFC Base quantities in Archicad?


Where can I find Net Side Area in Archicad lists/scheme settings?

I can choose Net Areas in Archicad such as:


1_netto archicad.png

Which shows net area (without any windows etc) of 42.86m2.
This is the area of the wall, as we can also check it in ifc viewers, such as here:


bimvision area of a wall elementbimvision area of a wall element


If we add the a balcony next to a wall, NetSide Area decreases from  42.86m2 to 41,75 m2. Which is visible in ifc viewers such as solibri and other ifc softwares, such as Orca etc:


2_netto side are in softwares such as solibri, orca etc.png

Where could I find this NetSideArea in Archicad scheme settings?

If that helps, here we can see a printscrean from ifc software Orca:
We see that Neto areas from Archicad are shown as: Archicad Quantities of 42,86m2. 


orca ifc areas.png


I would like to find a property in Archicad, that is in other ifc softwares seen as Net Side Area, which we can see above as: Qto_WallBaseQuantities / NetSide Area of 41,76m2

Anyone knows where could I find it in Archicad?


I have found exactly this topic asked already before: Re: Difference between Base Quantities and ArchiCa... - Graphisoft Community

but it was not explained yet. I am searching for IFC Base quantities in Archicad