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Hi Archicad Community, I need some help

I have been trying to create an expression that depends on others to give me a result.

what I am trying to do, is to create a schedule for urban planning.

I am placing a slab and the thickness of the element is my height, then I create a property in which, it divides the thickness of my slab with the value of my floor height ( another property previously done with a string type and I currently have 3,5 and I want to have it open to be modified since the heights may be necessary to adjust in the future) to give me the number of floors I have and then I create another property in which the expression will multiply the result of the number of floors by the top surface of the slab.

every time I create the expression it says that the function expects a numeric value.

I tried to create the area of the slab into string value as well as the thickness and still doesn't work.

do you have any ideas on how to work it out?

thank you all in advance
Barry Kelly
Try using numeric values for your number of floors.
You can't mix numbers and strings unless you convert them to the same data type.

This will give you a numerical value that you can round up or down and multiply by your floor area.

You need to make sure that your expression will calculate the data type that you have set.
i.e. number, integer, length, etc.
A length multiplied by a length will give you an 'Area' data type, not a length.
If the expression is red, then the wrong data type is set, or you need to do a conversion in the expression to change it to the required data type.

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