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Scheduled Object Preview vs. Layout Book

Tonic Arch
Hi folks.
Having issues with display of '2D Plan Preview' in an interactive schedule on a layout;
The preview is displayed correctly in the saved view of the schedule, although once placed on a layout, the preview does not display :

I've tried using the 'GDL Preview Picture' instead of '2D Plan Preview', however image quality is just not acceptable for printing.
These objects are of only very simple 2D elements, no script or parametric controls whatsoever.
Within the GDL interface, the symbol appears in ‘2D Symbol’, however there is no data in ‘2D View’ – I’m guessing this could be key to getting the preview linking back to the ‘2D Plan Preview’ schedule field ? I'm no GDL-wizard though and have no clue as to how to do that, if it is even relevant.

Having said all that - it shouldn't need to be that difficult;
I'm using a very standard criterion, with the '2D Plan Preview' from the 'General' category in the 'Parameters & Properties' field in the schedule scheme settings.
It's not a custom field; surely it should translate to the layout book.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Version and build below :
Rev 24 Build 3008
Windows 10 Pro
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Tonic Architecture + Design | 7 Prospect St | Fortitude Valley

Hi there, did you ever find a resolution to this? I am having this problem now with AC25:6000.

Construkt Architects
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@JanuszK wrote:

Hi there, did you ever find a resolution to this? I am having this problem now with AC25:6000.

I see you discovered the problem/solution in another post.



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