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Schedules using IFC properties mapping



Almost of Archicad users are using classifications to filter the model elements to create schedules for quantity take-off and or cost estimation,  

I'm exploring ifc, and as a first impression , i think that it may help to generate more customizable quantity take-off using mapped properties and ifc types, 

Does someone explored this workflow ?

Does it make sense for 

1- cost estimation 

2- creating variables for unit cost, units, description

2- usinng that variables or something else for keyboting ...




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Maybe this information will help you - in the GS BIM Manager learn program we have been suggested the use of IFC properties for schedules. This way you can schedule and do an information check at the same time.

I haven't had the time to make such a transition, but I think some IFC based schedules are something worth exploring. 

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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

As far as I know, within Archicad, Properties were created to handle these meta-data types of information that you can assign to elements and are generally recommended instead of IFC Properties. I wonder what would warrant using an IFC Property in a schedule instead of a native Archicad element Property? What can mapping to an IFC Property do that you can not do with Expression-based Properties?


As I am writing this, I am answering my own question: You can not use Library Part parameters in Property Expressions. However, you can use them in IFC Property mapping, although IFC Property Mapping is still much less powerful and flexible than Property Expressions.


So I guess, @bouhmidage, you should give us a specific example or purpose you would want to use IFC Properties and mapping, and let is see it together if that is the best solution or native Archicad element Properties.


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I'll prepare an exemple , extracted from mu current work , to show you the process and we can discuss it 

I fond that IFC properties combined with Archicad features can bring estimating to another granular level, 


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In this screenshot from Archicad youtube, you can see the new component-level property mapping for IFC, 

this mean that i can assign a specific note, parameter for a specific component from a wall for exemple, 

in previous versions, components can only get data as " read only "from Building materials in the component schedule, 

I think, this new feature can give us the posiibility to "write" into the component


In real life case : 


I have wall created with 3 layers , 2 finishes and a core, 

and a propertie called " construction evolution " that have states of construction : done, to be done, cancelled etc.... usually this proerty can be applied to the 1 wall, or to all instances off a building materials in the file, 


1 - i create a cost estimation using components schedule for that wall , Done

2 - on site the core of that wall was built , a propertie called " executed " can be asigned to that component, only for that wall, 

3 - this IFC propertie can be scheduled to see the evolution of the construction , and to tell me what should i pay for condtructor etc...


in previous versions this is not possible, now the granularity of data in ifc can help , 


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