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Archicad USA Standard Templates

To Whom It May Concern:

There have been a few versions lately that have come with some really odd standard templates. I'm not sure what the idea behind the template which comes with Archicad is lately but they are highly confusing at best.

Archicad standard templates should exemplify the best and most efficient use of Archicad. Instead they are designed for some reason to be dysfunctional and highly disorganized.

Is there a reason for this?

For instance:
Why is there 30 different dimension preferences? Are my dimensions going to change from floor plan to my demolition plan?

Next why are there so many Renovation filters?

Believe me I am all for customizing and creating templates that reflect your organizations design standards but wouldn't it be easier to create a blank file as a template rather than fill it with nonsense? Or maybe a better bet would be create an awesome standard template that has all the awesome features that make Archicad amazing built into the template both as a tool and a opportunity to learn new and exciting features.

I can't even open the current standard Archicad template to do 75% of the things I need to do quickly.

Is there a committee that designs the Archicad standard template?
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I think the templates are developed to suit larger businesses in a particular country. I would agree there should be more than one template as standard. The two I would like to see are a blank basic template containing only the essentials for AC to work. I can then add my favourites etc as needed. The other should be aimed at beginners and smaller projects so the user isn’t overwhelmed by layers, GOs and other options.
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