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Editing 2D truss lines


Hi, I would like to know if there is a possible way to edit a truss showing 3 lines on a floor plan as 1 line only? 


In the first picture I attached, I'm showing how each truss has 3 lines, but it would be ideal to show only 1 line (any of the 3) for the roof framing plans. 

The second picture is just a close up. 

The third picture shows how I would ideally like to represent trusses with only 1 line. The ones circled in red are the truss I'd like to edit and the black circle are the regular joist centerline option from the line tool.


I could simply draw one single line and hide the truss in order to represent the joist centerline, but if the truss could be edited the way I mentioned above, that would be better to avoid having additional regular lines. 



I just use the truss object I wrote, then I get 3d as well.



Of course there is a way to draw structural plans without 2D lines.

on 2D representation select the option AXIS, Select the right line type (Dash - Dotted).

Then, in Model View Options select BEAM: AXIS ONLY and other parameters you may need like schematic stair, etc.

I hope this helps.

Drop me a line if you need further instructions.



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Steve Jepson

Of all the different ways that can be used to make a quick truss from a truss manufactures .pdf ,  I almost always end up modeling the trusses using trusses with a slab and the magic wand and the truss profiles provided by the manufacture.  Save it from the top view as an object.  If you like you can add a centerline to it in plan view and save it as an object again.  Then you will have a line you can display or not by changing the pen used for it or by changing the line type to one that will display nothing.  There is probably no good reason to be showing a line at the side of the truss - but you could.  Tip - if you do add a centerline to the truss object, make it a little short on each end so it does not obscure the end lines of the truss if make it the same color as the background so it won't show up.   I am not a big fan of the Truss Maker tool because it is not very convenient to be drawing the centerline of each chord of the truss when I am using the two-line profile drawings from the manufacture.   I can't get it to make the tails slope correctly, has extra lines I don't want to see.... stuff like that. The fastest way to turn the centerline back on is to Reset the object to original settings. 2021-10-27_17-15-18.jpg 

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thank you for your response

thanks for your response, unfortunately the truss object cant be edited to show as 1 line in the plans.

I appreciate it though 

I appreciate your help. Unfortunately, the truss object does not allow some type of editing to show 1 line in floor plan view. 


Thanks for your response

Lit me fix a couple things on my truss object and Ill post it for you it has what I believe you are after

Here is a link to my truss object, it's older so expect some bugs, but I use it on all my projects almost with out issue other than some more complex forms.

I use a similar method, however, I use Complex Profiles. Once I get the design I want, I will use the beam tool and extrude it the width of the truss member.

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