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New & Old Objects not showing up in Object selection are

Ok here is a good one,
I am using 8.1 and I have not yet loaded 8.1 library....
But when I was looking at my existing library parts, I noticed that some of the icons did not show up in the selection window... Not sure why this is, I tried to create a duplicate of one of the library parts only to have this new object and it’s new folder that I created and reloaded in the libraries, not show up.... However I did notice that some of the previously missing objects icons (but not all of them) begin to show up.
I have loaded, reloaded, cleared cache etc... nothing seems to make the new folder show up or it's new object. HUH???

I am running MAC OS 10.2.8.
Any thoughts.
Dwayne Van Horn
User Since 1994
AC21 MacBook Pro, OSX 10.13.6

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I've been experiencing library challenges similar to yours and have discovered a few things that may help you.

1. When you reload the library be certain you are loading from the Local/LAN section of the Library manager and not the History section.

2. You'll need to rename your objects and omit the punctuation marks.


I ve sent a tip on that error a yesterday or the day before.
There probably is bad cache file inside the library You use - simply go to the directory /folder where it is stored - and search for a file which name either is "cache" or contains such string... and simply delete the file
It is autognerated on load of the library it is some kind of precompilation of scripts.

Even one such bad file inside one of the loaded libs can mess with the previews.


Piotr Dobrowolski

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