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Threshold of Doors

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Hi, I have an issue with the threshold options of the door. Here in Brazil our custom threshold is under the door leaf but it do not extend beyond the wall thickness.
In the options where it is under the door leaf it does not let you change the "0.01" default value to under "0.01" meters, which shows up in the floor plan as well...

There is a way a can make it be 0.00 extension? I don't want to make the threshold and a separate slab in every single door.

Link with the option panel in higed door settings.
Link of how the door is behaving on 3D
If I choose the "normal" option on the threshold, the door leaf falls in to this gap and the door "technically" gets stuck and can't open, which can't happen.
As shown in this Link:

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For whoever is looking to solve this... I solved myself.

It does not allow you to enter 0.0 and press tab because it changes automatically to "0.01" But if you type "0.00001" It changes to "0.000" and it is so little that it appears to be a 0.00 extension and its actually a value minimally higher than zero.

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