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Glass fill origin

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Ive added a symbol fill to the glass panel in a window and i want to adjust the fill origin. i want this fill to show in 2D front / sektion / facade. the default origin is project origin. best would be for the fill origon to always be at the top corner of the glass panel.

im unfimiliar with gdl script editing but i think i shoud fiddle with the POLY2_B{2} command ( or coor 3?) but i dont know where to insert the command in the script.


Pertti Paasky
The fill origin is controlled by the "coor" command in the 3d script. It is shown in 3d views and sections/elevations.
In GDL manual page 549 "Modeling transparent bodies" and "DOORS AND WINDOWS" page 577 tell basic guidelines.
You can try this command after the 3d script of the glass:

add -a/2+frame_thickness,b-frame_thickness,0
vert 0, 0, 0
vert 1, 0, 0
vert 0, 1, 0
vert 0, 0, 1
coor 2 + 256, -1, -2, -3, -4
del 1

The doors and windows are sometimes complex and hard to understand. For example, if You mirror the D/W then the mapping mirrors, too. Maybe in the schedules and facades, it is desirable to have the same mapping orientation regardless of mirroring, especially when using diagonal hatches.
Of course, the mapping should be applied to all elements individually.
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