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PolyOperation using Dictionaries




I'm trying to figure out how PolyOperation works with DICT...

...but anytime I try my result is always empty or an error...


Does anyone know how this works?

where can I find a small example?


Many thanks in advance!



It is actually not that hard, but the first time might be confusing.

A few things to remember:

  • You need to open a channel, create two containers and set the source and the destination container.
  • After this init store the dict as the input.
  • The input dictionary needs to be set exactly as per GDL manual stated. If you have not enough, or too much (!) keys inside the dict the whole thing will fail.
  • The Parameters for the thing you want to do are stored with "preparefunction". The actual operation is a "callfunction".
  • Retrieve the polygon (also a "callfunction").

For anything more paste your code here and tell us what exactly fails.

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Hi runxel!


Many thanks for your answer:

I'll try to follow your suggestions!


I'd also like to say thanks to Pertti P__sky that shared a sample in another topic:

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