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Construction Documentation (Australia)

Hi Everyone,

I've recently purchased an Archicad licence from Central Innovation in Australia.
I'm currently setting my template up and have a question in regards to setting up automatic tables or tables with formulas.

At my previous employer, the companies template had a table/object that will automatically calculate the site area, site coverage, permeable, garden area and hard surface area using zones. The table would then automatically calculate the site coverage percentage. Can anyone tell me how can I set this up? Or direct me to a tutorial to set this up?

The company also had a table that would automatically calculate the wattage for all the lighting used for there lighting density plans.

Thanks for your help and sorry if this has been asked before.

I expect that most of your area calculations could be made by applying the appropriate ZONE(S) to specific areas, then using the schedules to sum the areas as needed.

The room wattage problem can be accomplished via the EXPRESSIONS feature. I made a similar feature to calculate the different wattage's required for each room type (zone) between incandescent or LEDs using expressions.

However. expressions are limited, at present, to the properties of a single object and therefore could not be used to calculate area percentages. For that, you could use the new PYTHON feature coming in 24. The scheme for the pending new feature is listed on Graphisoft's site.

Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 25

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