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Dimension issue with ArchiCAD25


Hi all,

I have this file done in AC23 a while ago. Today I have been working on it by AC25 due to a revision and noticed some wall thickness dimensions disappeared. I tried to do the dimensions again and again but after few minute working the dimensions disappeared. To be clear see the snippet below. Marked in blue should be 90mm wall thickness dimensions. Any help please?




Karl Ottenstein

Have you checked your renovation filters / or those associated with the views you are using?  Dimensions associated with one filter will not show up on another, even though placed on the same layer.


One of the forum moderators   •   AC 26 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.8, iMac Pro

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your response. Yes I'm pretty sure the renovation filter has been done properly. This is a proposed plan, all dimensions are new and shown on relevant filter. I double checked to make sure dimensions got dim to walls and there is no missing wall. I'm just wondering if it is because I'm using AC25 to work on an AC23 file as I experienced the same issue with another project. The only thing I haven't tried is do all the dimensions again...

I meant to delete all dimensions and do it again.

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