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Master Layout - Multiple Page View

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Hello all

I have been searching the net for a way to set up archicad to view multiple page layouts. It seems I'm having trouble finding it or its not possible as of today.

Reason is I use Illustrator and sometimes for presentations I tend to have separates layouts.

Illustrator has the ability to have another Artboard either same or different size and its displayed next to each other, reason this is good, to see the overview of the layouts and changes that need to be made. At the moment Im splitting the layouts in different folders but can't see the overview of both of them

any help will be much appreciated thanks in advance

Eduardo Rolon
Use "Trace Reference" to show different layouts either on top or side by side.
It is not the same as Illustrator since you cannot work on both layouts at the same time though. For that you have to switch layouts by clicking on "switch reference with active".
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Hmm yes I did see that option and trace is a good to use at times.

I guess my eyes are set to see the actual work of the layouts as a whole and then be able to print/plot.

I usually save the file and since im a student we can't print directly, so i save the file and open it on other computers for final plotting.

I always thought the Master Layout had the option to display multiple sheets in case your working on multiple pages. For example; have a 3' x 4' and 3' x 4'.

My only option is to go ahead and plot a 3' x 8' and then just cut it by hand where i can have 2 pages of 3' x 4'.

Thanks for the help and taking the time to see my question

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