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Modifying Skin List Label in GDL


Hy guys,

I've already asked this in topic I opened before, as a reply on one of the solutions, but no answer yet, so im opening a new topic, sorry if im offensive.

I found that the best way to achieve my goal, is to modify skin list label tool a bit. The problem is, im very noob in programming. (Brother is junior engeneer in programming, so he is helping me)

I want to make a skin list label that will call up building materials ids, but specific ones: One label is set up to call only all outside skins building material ids up , just to array them all in one row. Second label is set up to call only inside skins building material ids up, and third one is set up to show only core skin building material id up.

I have tried some methods similiar to this post  and similar to this post too, and some other ways, but always end up with no success.

It seems to me it is a quite easy to achieve, just by changing few lines of code, but cant figured out yet.

Can you help me somehow?
Thank you, a lot


Eric Xue

I also failed to make such labels. I found that the automatic text can read all the building material names of any object, including stairs and curtain walls, but it cannot be a list and select the one to display.

I think the GDL lable is difficult to achieve this. It must correspond to specific objects, which is very inflexible. I hope it can be improved one day.

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