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Multi Media Authoring - What to use?

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Our favorite program ArchiCAD, produces all the QTVR's VR's and multimedia any one could possibly want. But what Apps are available to create that Killer presentation?

What are the best QT authoring tools available to present them in an attractive and professional Interactive CD?

Meander is a start, but come on, it looks like a Jr High project. Not quite up the task for a professional look and feel.

So I have been looking at a mid priced and ease of use solution - Live Stage Pro (Mac & PC) versions by Totally Hip Software. $500.00 SRP

I also read about creating your own QT skins in the Apple help forum. Tried it, and I am after all, not a programmer so with a little more research found, Tatoo more my speed (a drag and drop application) it is a Mac OS X QT skinmaker - very nice shareware for $23.00.

Now for buttons and other stuff to create that killer multimedia presentation. I saw an flash add on at Objects on line. I assume this is also a possible solution?

Any Suggestions?

Should I go shell out the dough for Live Stage Pro, which by the way price is not too critical if it works and I can use it with out attending classes at my local art college.

By the way being an old hand around here I do have a copy of Abvents "Kowabunga" - no longer published. Too bad maybe Graphisoft R&D could resurect it as meander -- the next generation.

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I prefer Macromedia Flash for a variety of reasons:
  • Flash is run through an HTML interface so it can easily display on ANY platform that has an HTML viewer and the flashplayer installed
  • Flash allows for multiple image, and multimedia formats including .jpg, .tif, .png, .mov
  • Flash will allow you to make a CD that you can insert into any windoze based O/S and autorun your presentation
  • Flash allows you to program your presentation in a timeline format with multiple layers, and 4 tiers of organization; for example you could have a 'movie' with several buttons that allow the viewer to proceed through different paths of a walkthrough.[/ist]

Ben Odonnell
Have you guys tryed ArchiShock? Looks like a great product..
I have tested it a bit and it seems really cool.
Shockwave3D directly from ArchiCAD's 3D window.
Check it out

You can download a demo as well..

Ben O'Donnell
Architect and CTO at BIMobject®
Get your BIM objects from

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Is it possible to mix still renderings with live motion capture using Adobe Premier 6+?

P4 3.5 Ghz PNY Quadro XGL 900 1 G Ram ArchiCAD 8

Binder wrote:
Is it possible to mix still renderings with live motion capture using Adobe Premier 6+?
Aways was ...

ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
HP Omen

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Another Program that looks usesful is Anark Studio You can export out of Cinema4D, Lightwave, and Maya.

David Larrew
I've used "Flash" and "Director" for my hard-core multi-media CDs in the past. We've started using "QuadriSpace". It isn't quite as powerful but it makes up for that in its ease of use.

It was written for architects and engineers who needed multi-media capabilities.

Check it out at:

Sorry, only Windows version available right now.
David Larrew, AIA, GDLA, GSRC

Architectural Technology Specialist

a r c h i S O L U T I O N S

WIN7-10/ OSX 10.15.7

AC 5.1-25 USA

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