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Graphisoft and Data Design System Joining Forces

Laszlo Nagy
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DDS-cad products are said to be great, but here in Spain they are too generic and not adapted to local regulations, at least the last time I cheked, so they are in great dissadvantage against other software solutions.

Let´s see how this goes
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I hope this positive step will help us here in the US as well.
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Karl Ottenstein
Interesting. The DDS-CAD web site indicates that their software is Windows-only:

And, the site has such vague information and lack of screenshots/examples that it is hard to guess what this offers beyond MEP within ARCHICAD. Certainly some of the photovoltaic library parts might be nice to have.
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Those are some news!

Really want to know what this means precisely. What can we expect?
DDS already has been a brand under the Nemetschek umbrella....
Since November 2013, DDS is part of the Munich-based Nemetschek Group.
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Laszlo Nagy
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There is now an interview with Graphisoft CEO Huw Roberts on AEC Magazine that provides additional information about the merger and what happens in the future:
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Well that’s as clear as mud. Now, about the existing AC bugs and missing tools... we all know it’s not good to build off weak foundations. AC has been neglected in favour of Structural Analysis, is it now going to suffer the same for MEP?
I’m beginning to wonder what will happen to Vectorworks and Allplan, Are they going to be merged as well or will they just become entry level and mid tier solutions for businesses that can’t afford or need the full AC toolset?
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Graphisoft should work on a simplified version of Archicad preferably.
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Working as a developer on an architect targeted software is definitely not that evident. ( it is a vast domain, as it is now even flirting with aeronautique softwares) where should we stop ?

Everyone is claiming for something, me the first, but I remember clearly some users complaing about ArchiCAD not having a total suite as Revit, and how this thing is crutial to its futur....!
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