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Setting Auto Text to automatically scale text size based on size of content.


Hi All, 


I'm setting up some drawing layouts for the office Archicad Template and I wonder if there is a way that the font size of Auto Text can be set to automatically update based on the character length of the Auto Text content. 


Basically I would like to find a way of automatically scaling the font size of the Project Title to fit the drawing block. Often we have very short Project Names and almost as equally often, we have very long Project Names - see image attached. 


Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 10.43.59.png


Thanks in advance,




AC 22/23

MacbookPro Big Sur



ArchiCAD 23 & 25
MacOS 12.3

Barry Kelly

With autotext - no.

You are simply placing the text without any value, so you have to choose the font, size alignment width of the text box, etc., when you place the autotext variable.

Then when that autotext variable gets a value, Archicad simply displays it.

There is no way for it to recognise how many characters are use in that value and therefore can not automatically adjust the textbox width or font size.





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