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Some library objects not showing in Plotmaker 9

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(using ArchiCAD 9 and PlotMaker 9)

In PlotMaker, some library objects will not show.

For example, the stove shows up, while the furnace does not. Both are on from the same library (ArchiCAD library 9.pla) and are on the same layer.

(Nothing at all shows, not the nondescript library dot, it shows the floor texture below)

What objects show and what don't is consistent throughout the project (ex: furnaces and washing machines never show, sinks and stoves always show)

This problem occurs amongst multiple users, for this particular project, but not other projects.

What can be done?

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Check settings for background fills of each object, and fill display in Model View Options (or whatever it was called in AC9 - it's been a while sorry.) It might be a display order issue that doesn't show up because of fill display settings.


You may need to select the object (hide the layer with the floor texture if you cannot find it with the texture), and change its Display Order to Bring Forward or Bring to Front. The objects might be "under" the floor texture.

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