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active links in pdf

Dave Brach

when a pdf set of layouts is published, I see that section and elevation markers are "clickable" and take one directly to the linked drawing/layout.  I was wondering if there is a way to have other items be "clickable" for instance window/door markers that would lead to the item in the schedule; story levels that would lead directly to the plan from, say a section?  appliance/equipment/furniture labels that would lead to a schedule?

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Karl Ottenstein

The hyperlink creation between markers and drawings is an automated feature.  I'm not aware of any mechanism to create any new targets within a document set for hyperlinks.  You can sort of create hyperlinks to external targets - but as this old thread states, it depends on the PDF reader whether the hyperlink will appear as text, or a clickable link (and you'd be looking at an ugly URL vs a text link with a behind-the-scened URL):


Being able to link additional items to additional targets seems like a good wish for the wishes forum:



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I hope GS will introduce clickable hyperlinked labels soon.  In the meantime, there is a way to manually create a clickable button that leads to another layout in the drawing set.

You can create a linked worksheet marker and place it anywhere you like in the drawing, and it will be clickable when issued to pdf or BIMx. We create a drawing legend, normally in a worksheet, that lists symbols for the wall types, door/window numbers etc.. Using the worksheet tool we place a worksheet marker at each symbol type after the description. Set the worksheet marker as "linked marker" with marker reference to a drawing of your choice. Edit the marker symbol style so it shows only the drawing number in a box. Place the legend in a layout and you have hyperlinked button for each label types.

Kei Mito

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Marc H

Alternatively, you might explore utilizing BIMx for your cross-referencing audience (contractor, client, etc.), if that is a feasible for your team.  There are automated links from scheduled objects (and I believe elements) to their location in the 3D view.  I've utilized this several times for zones and scheduled objects I've placed within various spaces. Very intuitive; when you view the schedule sheet, it displays a pale blue highlight over linked items, similar to section and plan links.

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